Essential oils should always be used as per the label instructions. As a guide, these are the common ways to use essential oils for your health and home:

  • Aromatic inhalation (via a room diffuser, directly by smelling the bottle, or putting a drop in your hands and inhaling)

  • Direct application to the skin (mixed with a carrier oil such a Grapeseed oil or Coconut Oil)

  • Culinary oils can be ingested through cooking, baking or flavouring (only recommended with Young Living essential oils labeled for consumption) 

The benefits of essential oils are far and wide-reaching, with increasing studies and research confirming the effectiveness of essential oils for every day health. Essential oils can inspire a positive emotional state, enhance your physical wellness, purify your home, refine your skin’s appearance and even create deep spiritual awareness—I love to diffuse or apply during Yoga practice or Meditation.