In 2017, I was unhappy. A burnt out part-time working Mum in a job that had a ceiling, unless I was willing to work full-time. With a busy shift-working husband and two young girls, that was something I just wasn't prepared to do. I knew there had to be a better way to both fulfil my soul, as well as meet the financial and emotional needs of my family. I stumbled into grabbing a Starter Kit with Young Living, discovered how beneficial essential oils were to the wholistic health of my family, and couldn't help but start sharing them with my friends. It wasn't long until I discovered Young Living could provide me with a job that I loved which involved helping those around me improve their health and wellness, and also help pay my bills!


Eighteen months later, I was able to resign from my 9-5 job in order to work my Young Living business with flexibility, around the needs of my family. When I started building my Young Living business, I was not to know that my husband would die suddenly and I would lose the ability to work any job, for a good 12 months. Young Living was such a gift to me over this time, providing me with residual income in order to have time and space to grieve, and meet the needs of my daughters. And now that I'm a solo parent, working within school hours and being able to meet the changeable needs of my family has been an absolute gift.


I have SUCH a heart for other dreamers, who like me, feel like there must be MORE to life than the 9-5 grind and fighting to make ends meet. Helping you see your potential, encouraging you to realise that your dreams aren’t crazy, that your ideas aren’t worthless. YOU can have a life fulfilled, friend! The opportunity is here for everyone… and while it’s a lot of work, it’s the BEST kind of work!!! Do you feel a tug that’s saying, “YES!!!!” Or maybe your cue is that your first thought is, “I could never do that!” I’m here to tell you... YOU CAN. And not only CAN you, but I want to walk with you and witness the ways you dig in, take off, and BELIEVE in your dreams again! I am so excited to link arms with you! If you feel the pull or the spark to do this.. I’m already here and ready for you!!

Our team has an abundance of resources to get you started and support you! Contact me at and let's chat!

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